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Prosfinity Background

Prosfinity : Protect Your Privacy

Prosfinity is a Hong Kong based company, founded by a group of young entrepreneurs in early 2022. Our goal is to help people protect their privacy and anonymity in the digital world, by bringing forth connected products that give users more control over who gets to see what they’re doing online.

Founder has spent more than 10 years engaged in Cyber Security, networking and VPN. He has worked at both the enterprise level and for large corporations to provide cybersecurity for companies and individuals across the globe through his personal consulting company. He is also the founder of Prosfinity Background, where he provides VPN consulting services to customers with international clients worldwide.

  • Government Monitoring

  • Enterprise

  • Hackers

How Prosfinity Works ?

VPN is a point-to-point encryption protocol. Prosfinity uses the OpenVPN protocol (SSL/TSL)
Connecting to a VPN has one more layer as an encrypted node than the usual Internet access. your records will pass through the VPN server, and your real address will always be hidden or anonymous.

DNS request

Secret keys

Secure channel

Data encryption

Prosfinity is for Everyone

Prosfinity VPN, the best free private VPN that protects your privacy and unblocks sites.

People who care about privacy

Sometimes you just want to be free. That’s why we work around the clock to keep you safe and secure.

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Security Enthusiast

We understand the need for security and privacy. Our VPN helps you to mask your IP address, encrypt your internet traffic, and protect your online privacy and safety on any Wi-Fi network

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Gaming Person

Our Gaming-VPN is the best VPN for your gaming needs! Our high speed VPN allows you to play online games without any interruptions.

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Whether you are looking to broaden your horizons or set off to explore the world, ProsfinityVPN is the perfect companion. Whether you're travelling on a family vacation, attending business trip or simply going on vacation, we've got your back.

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Mobile Users

ProSfinityVPN gives you the freedom to work from wherever you want and on whatever device you want. Access your files and applications anywhere, anytime with ProSfinityVPN mobile access. Our VPN is designed for any Android or iOS device such as phone, tablet or laptop.

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Human Rights Defender

Human rights defenders face a unique set of security challenges. When they work in a conflict region, they’re particularly vulnerable to surveillance and censorship. That's why we created ProfinityVPN, a solution designed specifically for human rights defenders.

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Let See

What our customers say

Prosfinity classifies VPNs and innovatively breaks traditional concepts and gives users more choices. It provides amazing VPN solutions, which are more flexible and free


Prosfinity Core Team

Prosfinity is consist of several teams, focusing on network information and data security
Committed to providing customers with secure and stable VPN services



Nathan Lau


Support Team



We are actively looking for partners
Prosfinity believes in maintaining good partnerships, connected by Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Quick Help

Adblocker will serve you results without Ads, and Prosfinity VPN will keep your real IP address behind

How to start with Prosfinity VPN?

Once you have registered an account, you can purchase any service plan, open the application and enter the account number and password, After entering the interface, the server corresponding to your purchase will appear, One-click connection can be connected and used, I hope you have a pleasant experience.

How to Use Prosfinity to watch Netflix?

Choose a reliable VPN that can unblock Netflix. Prosfinity is fast enough for HD streaming. Install the VPN, choose a server located in the same country as the Netflix you want to access, and click the connect button. (For example, to To watch Netflix in the US, connect to a US server. Go to Netflix. You will see your new shows and movies directly on your home screen.

VPN Level Classification

Prosfinity VPN service is classified into three levels, each level has a limited number of people to ensure a stable one-star service for users (limited to 1000 people), mainly used for daily chat communication, watching videos, but two stars* * Service (limited to 100 people), faster and more stable, no problem with watching videos, Three Stars *** service (limited to 10 people), the fastest and most stable service, don't need to worry about stability and quality, no need to cooperate with Others share the network speed, suitable for any game, Wechat, Whatsapp or other software calls and maintain stability, special business needs, It is also suitable for those who want to have their own VPN service.

VPN To Tor

VPN To Tor. A more secure and private service, because the setup process is complicated and requires a lot of technology, so we provide this service for those who need it. Choose a Tor server and connect, because Tor traverses Half the world, so the speed will be slower, but don't worry about security issues, your truth is always hidden behind your back, because it is the VPN server that uses Tor, not your real address.

How to Charge

Prosfinity's charging model is a subscription model, using Stripe as a third-party charging platform, The subscription model is automatic renewal. The biggest advantage is that the service can be used without manual renewal every time. When the customer subscribes for the first time, the service will be automatically subscribed until any subscription is cancelled.

How to unsubscribe ?

Sorry, there is currently no manual unsubscribe function for customers, we will launch a web user interface as soon as possible to allow users to unsubscribe by themselves. If customers need to cancel the automatic subscription function, they need to notify us by email ([email protected]) or through live Chat and provide the login account, email address or credit card number to unsubscribe the service, To cancel the automatic subscription, for example: The customer purchased a 3-month service on March 1st and will renew on June 1st. When the service is still in use, the subscription will expire and be terminated on June 1st Serve.

Country supported by the server

Prosfinity Support Country :
Hong Kong | Japan | Singapore | Australia | Canada | USA | France | England | Poland | Germany |

Prosfinity supports VPN services in all country of the world and enjoys everything the internet , giving you free and secure access to all your favorite content. Hides your real IP address and encrypts your web traffic with military encryption, for security We do not record what you view online.

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Abandon the traditional VPN, use a real VPN

Traditional VPN companies have not seriously considered the needs of customers. They put each user on the same server and the transparency is very low. They only offer limited locations and they have tens of thousands of users sharing a few servers, which makes it difficult to get high speeds or stable connections.

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